Inspirational book by Elder Stephen F. Brown

Is the success, victory and happiness you desire eluding you like a mysterious fog that slips through your fingers every time you reach for it? Do you aspire to have a better job, a stronger marriage, and a happier life? Perhaps you simply want to accomplish more, make your mark on life and leave a lasting legacy for future generations? However, you can’t pursue what’s really important in life because you’re too busy with other people’s priorities and the mundane responsibilities of everyday life. How can you break out of this routine and experience the full potential God has for your life? This book will teach you how to reach your full potential in God, and Live Your Best Life Now

Most people talk more about negative things than positive ones. I would like to turn the table on that kind of thinking and get you to focus on the positive rather than the negative. I want you to focus on what God wants to do for you, even if it   seems impossible. Dare to believe God for positive outcomes in life. Philippians 4:8b (NLT) states, Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Don’t allow the devil to steal your God- given right to live a winning and victorious Christian life today.

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About the Author:

Stephen F. Brown presently serves as the Senior Elder of Abundant Life Faith  Fellowship Church, located in Colerain Township in Cincinnati Ohio. He operates in  the ministry offices of Pastor and Teacher, with the manifestations of the gifts of  the Spirit in operation.  He has traveled to several countries in Africa and India  where he shared the good news of Jesus Christ.

He and his wife Marion are the parents of four adult children and twelve grandchildren.

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A vessel of honor is a person whose sole intent in life is to live for God and not for himself. This ultimate desire to please God drives him to seek an intimate relationship with God more than anything else he does for Him. He loves God for who He is and not for what God has done for him. The prayer of his heart is always for God to work in him before He can work through him; and as God gives him grace to minister to others, he uses every opportunity to glorify Christ alone. His agenda is to be an avenue through which God can dispense His love and grace to a world that is wounded and lost. A vessel of honor does not care for recognition or the praises of men; his delight is in taking the place of a servant in order to do the will of his Master.

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Every day we face many choices, and we must make these choices very wisely, because the choices we make will affect our lives and our future. As the world offers good and bad choices daily, our responsibility is to know the difference between the two. This book will equip you with principles that will guide you in making wise choices in life.

“As a pastor, educator and church leader I highly recommend this book to individuals seeking a life of hope and happiness through learning to make wise choices according to God’s eternal wisdom. May God bless you as you read this treasure of biblical practical life lessons from God’s heart.”– Dr. David L. Bittinger – Montgomery Assembly of God.

“I feel so honored to recommend to you this carefully crafted treasure trove of practical spiritual wisdom. I believe that Making Wise Choices in Life is from the Lord and is timely for your walk in Christ.” Pastor Chris Beard – Peoples Church

“This book will open your eyes to see that many times it is not the devil that is defeating us but the erroneous choices that we make in life.” – Dr. Ralph Godfrey Sr. – New Life Temple

“This book is a must read, it speaks of the responsibility one has to make right choices in his life and stresses accountability. Indeed we are the sum total of our decisions.” Dr. Dora Bronston – LINKS University.

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