My heart’s desire is for ALFF to always be a safe place where people can talk about their real problems, hurts, hang ups, and not be blown out of the water by the judgments of others. One reason some people don’t want to talk about their problems is because of the “BAZOOKA CHRISTIANS” who stand by waiting to BAZOOKA them down if they do or say anything wrong.  We are not saying wrong is right, or right is wrong.  We do believe people must make a decision to turn away from their sins and turn to Jesus, because Jesus is the only person who can save us.

We believe that people should have time to grow and mature in God. If a correction is needed, it is brought in love, coupled with mercy.  Tact and wisdom should be used in helping others understand how to choose the good, refuse the evil, and represent Christ in a righteous and powerful way.

Elder Steven Brown